Our Milestones

Here at The Montessori Circle Clontarf our year is very busy and always passes
so fast! As we reach our annual milestones we are reminded how important it is
to remember and enjoy these very precious days. Our two beautiful milestones
include Christmas and Graduation. The preparation, fun and joy these times
bring, are the very reason we teachers come to work every day!

Our Christmas Nativity Show

When the rehearsals start for the Nativity Show around mid November, our
Christmas really begins! Every child gets to choose the part they would like
to play in our annual Nativity play. In 2006 our Nativity Show was particularly
special; we had 12 angels and no innkeeper. The children had decided that the
innkeeper should have invited Mary and Joseph into his house and not sent them
to the stable! It was an amazing show, as is every year. We take pride in all the
children’s efforts and it lights our hearts to see them laugh so much. For most
of the children it is their first time on stage so it’s not about the performance
but the fun they can have just by participating. These moments are when we
witness the true meaning of Christmas and the joy it can bring to the children

Graduation Day

Our Graduation Day is full of happiness, emotion and joy! All the family and the
extended family are invited to attend. Following the ceremony and a small
performance, parents and children come together for a day of fun. As teachers
we feel very privileged to share and help create such beautiful memories.

Pictures of Graduation and Nativity Show in The Montessori Circle Clontarf
Pictures of Graduation and Nativity Show in The Montessori Circle Clontarf