Below are some kind and much appreciated words that have touched our hearts from
the Parents and Guardians of students who attended The Montessori Circle Clontarf.
We are truly honoured to have been apart of their educational experiences and wish
them all the best, happiness and triumph in their journeys through life.

“Just a short note to thank you all for the wonderful year of Montessori you
have given Louisa. There wasn’t one day she didn’t run in delighted to be going
to school to see you and all her little pals. For me, that just says it all, you
have created such a lovely environment for all the children, it’s such a special
time. I hope Louisa remembers the really, really lovely days she spent in The
Montessori Circle Clontarf. Thank you for the gardening, the art, the songs the
friendships and the love. My daughter is so lucky to have the lovely memories
on her graduation DVD, I just wish she could stay forever!”

Susan Mother of Louisa, Class of 2010

“Veronica, I can’t believe the primary school year is upon us and a chapter of
Oisin’s life is ending. This year has been hard with Oisin finally getting
diagnosed, but thanks to you and your wonderful staff it has been joyful!
Oisin has bloomed under your guidance and as he moves on to national school I
am confident that the foundations of The Montessori Circle have given him will
make it so much easier. I can’t thank you and all the teachers enough for your
support and I will be lost without you all. Sincerely, Sarah.”

Sarah mother of Oisin, Class of 2011

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. I’m not sure who or
what guided me to your door a year ago but I am sure of one thing I was meant
to find you for my children. Lisa has loved her time with you guys. I love that
you all seem to “get” her. Each night Lisa fills in her diary she draws a picture,
maybe of her day or sometimes just something that comes to mind. The picture
below is an entry in her diary of circle time and I wanted you guys to have it.
Thank you for the fun, love and laughter you’ve brought to my daughter’s life
and to ours.”

Debbie mother of Lisa. Class of 2011