“Leaves are Falling….”

The many changes that autumn brings were discussed in class. As the leaves carpet our parks and pavements, we discussed in circle time the many colours of the falling leaves and the changing trees. Yvonne, (our year 1 teacher and our best artist) outlined in black, an Oak Tree. Look through the images below to see their amazing work taking form and becoming a beautiful masterpiece.

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We supplied Brown paint, aprons and brushes and our year 2 students did the rest.

Our Autumn Poem
(Sung to the tune of I hear thunder)
Leaves are falling
Leaves are falling
On the ground
On the ground
Autumn time is coming
Autumn time is coming
All around
All around

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Year 1 Fruit Project

This beautiful bowl was created by our Year 1 Class
Lots of fabric, glue and concentration was required!


"A Masterpiece!"


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Graduation ’12

Hi Parents/Guardians,

Graduation Date: 21st June ’12

Time: 10.30am – 11.30am

“Bring the Tissues!”

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Adult Jive Classes

“Learn The Moves of the Happiest Dance Ever!”

Adult Jive Classes

Starting on Wed. 18th  April

St. Gabriels Parish Centre

7.30pm – 8.30pm

€10 per Class

Contact Veronica 087 7840377

“Find your Happy Feet we all have two”

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Our Last Day of Easter Camp…….

The Senior's Terrific Tigers!

The Junior Happy Feet Group made very cute Ducks…..The Senior Happy Feet Group were so impressed they Made Daffy Ducks!
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Our Bunnies went Home