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Graduation Project 2013

Our summer graduation project The continents of the world. We discussed in circle time the deference between land and water. In different parts of the world people speak different languages and eat different food. The weather is different in other places and on other continents. A very interesting question arose: “Is different good or bad?” “Different is good, it means not the same!” (Words of wisdom between two future leaders, Alex and Aidan ages 4.) See photos for information.

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Sports Day 2013

Our Sports day was a day filled with fun. The great weather was a real bonus! We started with the bean bag race and finished with the parachute game, followed with a presentation of our medals and some ice cream! See photos

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Graduation Project 2012

We got very loud and very scary for the month of June as we got to know all about Dinosaurs. We used a very large box and created the kind of world that existed when Dinosaurs lived on Earth. The children used newspaper, painted it gray and gold to create large rocks and blue foam to represent a large waterfall. Our plastic dinosaurs looked very happy in their Montessori Habitat and the Children were very proud of their beautiful masterpiece.

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Fruit Project by Year 1

The May project of Year 1 (June 2012) was all about fruit.
The art segment included a class group picture which the children spent several days gluing their favourite coloured paper ending with a bowl made of black and white patterned fabric and filled with fruit.
They were so proud of their work and it was a job well done!

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Gardening Class - Origins of the Tomato

In our Year One gardening class we discussed the tomato. “A tomato is a fruit and it grows form seeds”. The best way to learn about the tomato is to start with the seed. - Where is the seed found? - How small is the seed? - Can we eat the seed? - Does it taste nice? - What colour is the tomato when it is growing? “It is fantastic to watch as the children learn through exploration.” See our guide for detailed steps.

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