Spring Project Blogs

April Showers 2013

Our spring project this year was “April Showers” What is rain? Where does it come from? When does it rain? Why do we need rain? We spent the first day of our April showers project “cloud watching” and circle time started every day with a “quick cloud check!!” See our step by step guide of how it all happened.

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Gardening - March 2013

Both Year 1 and Year 2 students painted their pots in beautiful bright colours. The following week in gardening hour they got their green fingers working and planted their pansies. The children really enjoyed planting with soil and turning their pots into masterpieces. A nice surprise for Mothers Day! See our March Gardening 2013 stage-by-stage guide to view the process.

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Spring Flower Art 2013

We had great fun creating our own Spring flowers during arts & crafts time. The children took inspiration from the pansies to create their 3 dimensional spring flowers. One of our happy comments included - “My paper flower is so bright and has come alive!”. Read more about our Spring Flowers" in our project blog.

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Valentine Art

Love is in the Air……….
As bee full of love and warm hearts take over our art day!

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Easter Art

Our Easter Bunny Tree required a lot of crepe paper!
Every morning for 3 weeks in April we lay the picture on a table and as the children passed by they stuck pieces on until it was complete.

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Gardening - September 2012

It was mid Sept. when we introduced the gardening class to broad beans. Karen explained that the beans needed roots to grow and the beans needed to be place in a moist tissue to grow roots. This was going to take time and as the roots grew, the next stage of the process followed…… See our stage by stage guide of how it all happened!

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