What is Montessori?

Montessori is a system of learning created by Maria Montessori. Through
direct observations of the child, Maria Montessori discovered that from the
time a child is born he/she is learning through interacting with his/her
environment. Their stimulation is an intrinsic, unconscious desire to interact,
and through their senses he/she absorbs the world around themselves.

“It is the child who develops it in himself, taking it from the environment”.

Maria Montessori(The Formation Of Man P. 58)

All materials in the Montessori Classroom are designed by Maria Montessori
to facilitate her wonderful method of education; they are divided into five
areas. In The Montessori Circle Clontarf we believe that these teaching
methodologies are of great importance and it is one of our main objectives
to incorporate them into our curriculum and use them as a guide to a child’s
development. Below are Dr. Maria Montessori’s five principle curriculum areas.
You can click on each heading to find out how we use them in our curriculum:

  1. Practical Life Skills- Skills needed for everyday living
  2. Sensorial Activities- Boosts observation and gives an understanding
    of formal educational concepts
  3. Mathematics- Helps develop gross and fine motor movement
  4. Cultural Studies- Gives an understanding of other countries, people
    and cultures and awareness of why and how to protect our environment
  5. Language Studies- The Montessori Method of using phonics, etc, allows
    the child to discover the joy of language in a fun and educational way.

Pictures of Children playing in The Montessori Circle Clontarf