Happy Feet


Happy Feet classes are based on dance with a Yoga twist. Here at The Montessori Circle Clontarf we include Happy Feet sessions within our curriculum as we feel it is an amazing way for children to enjoy exercise, have fun and build confidence through various forms of movement and relaxation. Weekly Classes are held after school, see our Happy Feet schedule for details. Children of all ages are welcome. So enrol now and feel free to drop by if your interested or call Veronica on 087 7840377 for more information.


The benefits of active children has been well documented, our Mantra, “Happy Feet, Happy Heart, Happy Head”, really captures its essence. The strength and innate power that can be achieved through the inactivity of relaxation develops a true sense of well being and confidence. These are the principles of Happy Feet!

What we do

Our Happy Feet classes move from Fast to Slow…….. Quiet to Loud……..Giggles to Silence……… and the power of visualisation can take our Happy Feet adventures from “The bottom of the Ocean” to “The Stars and Beyond.” Our adventures are usually followed by our relaxation time when we can choose to “lie on our Yoga Mat” or “Sit like an Indian” to find our Golden Silence. The ability to be silent (may only be for 20 seconds) really presses “the pause button on our very busy day” uniting both body and mind and developing a sense of awareness which comes so easy to children. Music is our soul food and although Happy Feet songs are all choreographed, improvisation is strongly encouraged! So, find your Happy Feet, we all have two!!!!!!