Larry The Polar Bear

Our January project was called “our arctic friends” and the children really warmed to Larry the polar bear as we discussed in circle time his life in the Arctic Circle.

As part of our Art, Lucy our Transition Year student from Manor House Secondary school, outlined Larry on large sheets of white paper. The children got to work straightaway on making his “oily coat”. They had great fun working with the texture of the glue and it really appealed to them when we added some olive oil to the mix. They really enjoyed the combination of glue, oil and cotton wool!

Lucy used black felt for “Larry’s claws” and “Larry’s nose” and a black stone for “Larry’s eyes”. The children were delighted when they produced the finished art piece and we hung Larry The Polar Bear up on our wall for display.

Larry-the-polar-bear - The Montessori Circle Clontarf Art Project

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