Welcome To All

September is here again and it’s our pleasure to welcome back all our Montessori Year 2 students, and to extend a big welcome to our new students joining us for the first time.
We know that, as parents you are the primary educators of your child and for most children, parental separation is a new experience, to help support every child through this transition, may we suggest some small but very effect steps to ease the effects of “separation anxiety”

It is important to explain to your child that they are spending a little time at school and that you are returning (the concept of time and the confidence of your return will help your child greatly.

Regular attendance, particularly in the first few months will allow your child to build trust and form relationships with both staff and classmates and gain confidence in his/her new environment.

Develop a “goodbye” routine; give your child a kiss and a hug followed by a wave.
This type of “parting” can be built up over a couple of days or weeks.

And Remember……………. Our “Open Door” policy facilities any Parent/Guardian who wishes to stay or return at any stage during the day.

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